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Jim's Fallbrook Market vintage exterior
Jim's Fallbrook Market vintage interior
Jim's Fallbrook Market vintage exterior

At 65 years and counting, Jim's Fallbrook Market is one of the oldest businesses and certainly the longest continuously running market in the West San Fernando Valley. The store was initially built and opened by the Lookabaugh Family in 1946, when Fallbrook Ave. was nothing but a rough-hewn dirt road, and the area was home to more nuts than people. It operated as small grocery until 1951, when Jim McQuaid with his sharpened knives and white apron in hand, rented space in what was then a 40x40 building. He immediately installed a meat counter and became the store's first butcher until 1958, when he purchased the market outright.

Over the next 20 years, Jim renamed, remodeled and reconfigured the store to what it is today. Then, in 1978, Jim traded in his knives for a set of Calloways; deciding that instead of carving some of the finest meat, fish and poultry known to man, he'd rather carve up the fairways of the Kona Coast, where he and his wife still reside today. Splitting the meat-cutting/grocery duties were Jim's sons Mike and Pat, who ran the store together until 2010, when Pat retired to spend more time conserving the Santa Monica Mountains astride his dirt bike. However, Mike's son Cory soon joined the operation, which celebrates 53 consecutive years with a McQuaid at the helm.

To its legions of happy and longstanding customers, the store is simply "Jim's" a place where you will find the highest quality of everything, with service by a friendly and knowledgeable staff.

Looking for a delicious hot or cold sandwich for lunch on the run? Jim's deli counter is the answer. Need the perfect Red wine to go with an expertly trimmed and tender rib-eye? Cory would be happy to recommend one. A White to go with a piece of fresh swordfish? No problem; Jim's Fallbrook Market has an extensive wine selection culled from the most distinctive vintners worldwide.

Fretting over preparing a surprise dinner for that special someone? Relax; no matter what main course you choose, Mike and his expert crew in the meat department are always happy to provide cooking instructions.

Hosting an upcoming holiday or special occasion party? Easy-breezy at Jim's, where you can order virtually anything from the meat department and have it the next day, no matter how many knucklehead cousins you have to feed.

And if all this isn't enough, remember that Jim's has a wide variety of keg beers available at all times. Of course, to keep the beer cold, you'll need ice which Jim's has plenty of fresh from their own, on-property ice house.

And finally, study these three letters very carefully: B-B-Q! You see, every Saturday and Sunday, Jim's spacious parking lot becomes home to the most finger- licking, mule-kicking barbecued chicken, ribs, and tri-tip sandwiches east of the Pacific. Of course, that's weather-permitting; but if you find yourself doing weekend errands and your nose suddenly begins singing and your mouth starts watering, you'll know that at Jim's, it's "Game on!"

So if you haven't stopped in before, now's the time for you to discover what so many folks already know: Year after year, decade after decade . . . Jim's Fallbrook Market is the place to be.